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Master of Accountancy

Master of Accountancy

An AACSB-accredited MAcc available on the Jackson Campus

The Master of Accountancy (MAcc) degree provides advanced study in accounting for individuals interested in careers in the accounting field.

Program Emphasis

There are ten courses in the Union MAcc curriculum. These courses are 3 semester hours of graduate credit each. Six of these courses are accounting courses. The remaining four courses are MBA courses. The accounting courses are scheduled during the day according to the traditional schedule. The MBA courses can be completed at night or online. The entire 30-semester hour MAcc program can be completed in one year.

The strength of the Union MAcc program is the qualified faculty that serve our student body. Union’s business faculty combine practical work experience with strong academic backgrounds. This dual emphasis on practicum and education provides a rich and relevant classroom experience for our MAcc students. Faculty pursue innovative teaching concepts while continuing to conduct and publishes accounting and business-related research.

Expected Outcomes

The MAcc program strives to develop the following knowledge and skills in each student:

  1. Advanced knowledge in the functional areas of accounting.
  2. Ability to utilize research skills in accounting.
  3. Effective communication skills both written and oral.
  4. Critical thinking and decision-making skills, as supported by the appropriate analysis of advanced accounting problems.
  5. Ability to demonstrate and make personal and business decisions based on values informed by the Christian worldview.

Dual-Degree Program

A dual degree program is offered between the MBA and the Master of Accountancy. The Master of Accountancy requires twelve hours from the MBA program. Students in either the MBA or the Master of Accountancy programs may elect to be dually enrolled in both programs. Dual enrollment will allow students to earn both degrees while counting 12 hours of MBA coursework toward both degrees

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