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Fall 2014 Course Schedule for Philosophy


Course Title Credits Synonym Level Faculty Meets Times Room Location Enrollment Term Starts Ends
PHL-240-1 Introduction to Philosophy 3 72320 UG R. Bush M W F 8:00AM-8:50AM JEN 325 Jackson OPEN 2014FFA 8/19/14 12/13/14
PHL-240-ADA1 Introduction to Philosophy 3 72279 UG R. Bush TBA Web/Online OPEN 2014AFA 8/18/14 10/7/14
  Restricted to Adult Studies students only
PHL-240-OLF Introduction to Philosophy 3 74396 UG J. Shultz M 6:00PM-10:00PM OLFD TBA Germantown OPEN 2014OFA 10/13/14 12/13/14
PHL-243-1 Intro to Christian Ethics 3 72321 UG J. Barnard M W F 9:00AM-9:50AM JEN 325 Jackson OPEN 2014FFA 8/19/14 12/13/14
PHL-243-B Intro to Christian Ethics 3 71859 UG G. Peil TBA Briarcrest Christian Schl- D E OPEN 2014FFA 8/19/14 12/13/14
  Restricted to Dual Enrollment students only
PHL-279-1 Exdst/Phl240/Intro to Philos 3 75145 UG E. Bort TBA Impact 360 CLOSED 2014FFA 8/19/14 12/13/14
PHL-450-1 Philosophy of Religion 3 72274 UG R. Bush Tu Th 12:15PM-1:30PM BWLD 221 Jackson OPEN 2014FFA 8/19/14 12/13/14
PHL-495-IND Idea of Self Phil/Theol Persp 3 75171 UG C. Mitchell TBA Jackson CLOSED 2014FFA 8/19/14 12/13/14

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