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Persimmon (Diospyros virginiana, Ebenaceae)

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External Acknowledgments
  • Laurie Williams, Memphis Botanic Garden
  • Joellen Dimond, University of Memphis Arboretum
  • Jodi Jacobs, City of Jackson/Liberty Gardens
  • Dr. David Mercker, West Tennessee Research and Education Center
  • Sherry Taylor, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson
  • Dr. John and Nancy Freeman, Green Frog Village
Internal Acknowledgments
  • Mark Bolyard and Michael Schiebout, Leadership
  • Wayne Wofford and Andy Madison, Tree Identification
  • John David Barham and Cindy Meredith, Tree History
  • Kierra Joy, Student Database Manager
  • Wayne Wofford, Photography
  • Scott Heit, Sarah Belcher, and Kristi Woody, Publications and Gifts
  • Cam Tracy, Jordan Haskins and Evan Barnett, Website Development
For More Information
  • Dr. Mark Bolyard
  • 731-661-6586
  • mbolyard@uu.edu
To Adopt A Tree
  • Contact the Office of University Relations at 731-661-5050

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