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Union golf falls 9-7 in Greystone Cup

DICKSON, Tenn. - 9/20/2011 - The Third Annual Greystone Cup, a Ryder Cup style match between the Trevecca Nazarene (Tenn.) and Union University men's golf teams, ended the same as the first two, with a come-from-behind win for Trevecca Nazarene. All three rounds of the event were played at the Greystone Golf Course.

Union led 4 1/2 to 3 1/2 after the first two rounds, but dropped the individual rounds 5 1/2 to 2 1/2 Tuesday.

Union won the morning Alternate Shot round 3-1 on Monday, but Trevecca Nazarene took the Tuesday afternoon Four Ball round 2 1/2 to 1 1/2.

The third and final round at Greystone Golf Course saw eight members of each team play a head-to-head 18-hole Match Play round against someone from the other team.

TUESDAY: Individual Head-to-Head results (Trevecca 5 ½ Union 2 ½)
Skip Jones (TNU) vs. Steven Coffelt (UU) - UU 1up
William Potts (TNU) vs. Jesper Swedenborg (UU) - TNU 1up
David Saldana (TNU) vs. David Hopper (UU) - All Square
Austin Dillard (TNU) vs. Andrew Knight (UU) - TNU 2 and 1
Aaron Gaddis (TNU) vs. Ryan Mantooth (UU) - TNU 5 and 3
Stephen Williams (TNU) vs. Ben Waits (UU) - TNU 1up
Dylan Waters (TNU) vs. Kyle Long (UU) - TNU 3 and 2
Joey Bradley (TNU) vs. Brett Barry (UU) - UU 4 and 3

MONDAY: Alternate Shot results (Union 3 Trevecca 1)
Dylan Waters/Stephen Williams (TNU) vs. Ryan Mantooth/Steven Coffelt (UU) 3 and 1 - TNU
Skip Jones/William Potts vs. Brett Barry/Ben Waits (UU) 1 down - UU
David Saldana/Aaron Gaddis (TNU) vs. Jesper Swedenborg/Andrew Knight (UU) 3 and 2 - UU
Joey Bradley/Austin Dillard (TNU) vs. David Hopper/Kyle Long (UU) 3 and 2 - UU

MONDAY: Four Ball results (Trevecca 2 ½ Union 1 ½)
Joey Bradley/David Saldana (TNU) vs. David Hopper/Kyle Long (UU) 1 up - UU
Dylan waters/Stephen Williams (TNU) vs. Brett Barry/Ben Waits (UU) 1 up - TNU
Skip Jones/Aaron Gaddis (TNU) vs. Steven Coffelt/Andrew Knight (UU) 3 and 2 - TNU
William Potts/Austin Dillard (TNU) vs. Jesper Swedenborg/Matthew McSwain (UU) All Square


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