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Todd E. Brady

Assistant Professor of Ministry

Vice President for University Ministries, University Ministries

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Shaping a Christian Worldview: The Foundations of Christian Higher Education

Edited by David S. Dockery & Gregory Alan Thornbury; Foreword by Charles Colson

Broadman & Holman: Nashville, TN (September 2002). Union Contributor(s): David P. Gushee (Chapter 5: "Christian Worldview, Ethics and Culture"); Gregory Alan Thornbury (Editor & Chapter 2: "The Lessons of History"); Harry Lee Poe (Chapter 4: "The Influence of C.S. Lewis"); Jimmy H. Davis (Chapter 6: "Faith and Learning"); George H. Guthrie (Chapter 1: "The Authority of Scripture"); Bradley G. Green (Chapter 3: "Theological and Philosophical Foundations"); Barbara McMillin (Chapter 7: "Christian Worldview and Literature"); Antonio A. Chiareli (Chapter 11: "Christian Worldview and the Social Sciences"); Kina S. Mallard (Chapter 12: "Christian Worldview and Media"); Thomas R. Rosebrough (Chapter 13: "Christian Worldview and Teaching"); Mary Anne Poe (Chapter 15: "Christian Worldview and Social Work"); Walton Padelford (Chapter 16: "Christian Worldview and the World of Business" (with Don Lester)); Kimberly C. Thornbury (Chapter 17: "Christian Worldview and Student Life"); Todd E. Brady (Chapter 18: "Christian Worldview and Campus Ministry"); Carla Sanderson (Conclusion: "Shaping The Academic Enterprise"). Book Website | Buy at or Google Products | Find in Google Scholar or Union's Library