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Centers of the University

Academics @ Union

The Centers of the University were established to promote the ideals of different academic departments to deal Christianly with issues. Each Center is headed by a Director, who also serves the University as a faculty member or in other capacities.


R. C. Ryan Center for Biblical Studies

The Center exists to promote thoughtful and disciplined reading, study, interpretation, and application of the Bible in the church throughout the world. The Center houses a model library for the study of the Scriptures, which is open to the public. Every other year the Center hosts a Bible study conference.

Center for Business and Economic Development

The purpose of this Center is to be the premier provider of economic and business information to Jackson and West Tennessee and to promote avenues that enhance the study and practice of Christian business principles. The Center publishes “Economic Updates” for area Chambers of Commerce, sponsors conferences and provides other services to area businesses such as seminars and employee training.

R. G. Lee Center for Christian Ministry

The purpose of the R. G. Lee Center for Christian Ministry is to equip bi-vocational pastors, staff, and laity for Christian service by offering the Associate of Christian Studies degree.

An integral part of the Center is the R. G. Lee Society of Fellows Program whose purpose is to enhance and encourage the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Upon invitation, a pastor builds a sermon from the resources of the R. G. Lee Library. The sermon is published in an anthology by the Center and distributed to Southern Baptist pastors.

Thomas R. Rosebrough Center for Educational Practice

The Thomas R. Rosebrough Center for Educational Practice aims to promote and recognize excellence in education from preschool through higher education. The manner in which the Rosebrough Center for Educational Practice defines its work can be found within the context and mission of Union University and the School of Education. The Center aims to bring attention to the work and interests of the School of Education, its faculty, staff, students, and alumni across Union's three campuses located in Jackson, Germantown, and Hendersonville, Tennessee.

The mission of the Center is to promote excellence in education in ways that reflect: Union University's four core values (i.e., Excellence-Driven, Christ-Centered, People-Focused, and Future Directed), the conceptual framework of Union's School of Education (i.e., A Teacher-Student Dynamic of Sensitivity, Reflection and Faith), and Transformational Teaching (e.g., Educators need to be effective scholars, practitioners, and relaters.).

Center for Faculty Development

The mission of the Center for Faculty Development is to encourage faculty in:

  1. Effective and innovative teaching;
  2. Pursuit of scholarship and professional growth;
  3. Integration of faith in casual and classroom interactions;
  4. Integration of faith and learning through spiritual formation.

The Center conducts the new faculty orientation program (Union Beginnings), the new faculty mentoring program and continual training for all faculty (In the Academy). The Center also sponsors the Newell Innovative Teaching Awards and a variety of teaching/ learning grants. The Center hosts an annual integration of faith and learning collegium for faculty to learn how to think Christianly about their disciplines.

Center for Excellence in Health Care Practice

The purpose of the Center of Excellence in Health Care Practice is to demonstrate the Christian worldview of humanity in enhancing the skills and knowledge of students and existing health care practitioners. The Center seeks to demonstrate the Christian worldview of humanity through simulation education, continuing education, information services to the community, and excellence in clinical research.

Center for Intercultural Engagement

The Center for Intercultural Engagement (CIE), integratively situated, structured, and staffed-provides campus-wide intercultural academic programming support. By optimizing the missional impact that our students and our community members have here and around the globe, the CIE bolsters Union's broader mission of supporting interculturally-engaged, Christ-centered education that promotes excellence and character development in service to Church and society.

The CIE partners with both academic departments and various divisions of student services to develop and implement interculturally-engaged curricular and co-curricular programming in two broad areas: the Study Abroad Program and the International Student Program.

Center for Interprofessional Education/Population Health and Rural Medicine

The purpose of the Center for Interprofessional Education/ Population Health and Rural Medicine (IPE/PHaRM) is to advance Union University’s ability to care for the underserved population of West Tennessee while broadening the interprofessional educational experiences of our students and other healthcare providers. Our mission includes affording students opportunities to provide more collaborative and patient-centered care in a structured, real-world setting. The Center achieves its mission through interprofessional learning experiences, community service learning experiences, clinical experiences, research, continuing education programs and simulation education.

Center for Just and Caring Communities

The Center is based upon the premise that just and caring communities are created and sustained by transformational relationships. Reciprocal and interactive connections between individuals, families, groups, communities, and society at large exist to either strengthen or violate health relationships within these systems. The Center exists to conduct research and to promote strategies that uplift, restore, and transform these relationships with a special emphasis on vulnerable persons and communities.

Center for Media, Faith and Culture

The Center for Media, Faith and Culture is designed to provide Christians serving in various mediums in the field of communications with worldview and skills needed for them to engage the culture as change agents in the 21st century.

Center for Politics and Religion

The Center for Politics and Religion is meant to provide a forum for teaching, research, and discussion about the intersection between politics and religion. The Center sponsors conferences, promotes research, and encourages students to "think Christianly" about how their faith should affect their politics by analyzing the role of religion in America and the world. The Center aims not only to prepare Union students to impact the political world winsomely and effectively for Christ, but also to represent Union in the larger conversation about faith and politics taking place among fellow believers and non-believers alike.

Center for Reconciliation

The center's mission and purpose is to serve Union in its discovery, articulation and implementation of Christian strategies to promote reconciliation between ethnicities, nationalities, ages, genders, and socioeconomic parties. We desire to engage and inspire our community to model the unity of Christ in all things that we may have strength to comprehend will all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ.

Edward P. Hammons Center for Scientific Studies

The Edward P. Hammons Center for Scientific Studies was formed to show, by example, how science and Christianity are not only compatible, but also synergistic. Science at Union University is seen from a Christian vantage point. The Center operates with the presupposition that science as observed truth need not conflict with revealed truth and that science is impossible apart from the recognition that God has created an orderly universe. Accordingly, the Center strives to provide a fertile environment for the exploration of the nature of the universe, in order to afford a greater appreciation of the complexity and glory of God’s creation. The Center seeks to accomplish this by the encouragement of excellence in research and publication by our faculty and by sponsorship of conferences, lectures by outstanding scholars, and community outreach programs.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

The Union University Wildlife Rehabilitation Center strives to care for injured, ill, misplaced and orphaned raptors and other birds of prey with the goal of releasing each into its natural habitat. Birds are examined, diagnosed and treated through an individually tailored program of hospital and veterinary care, diet, physical therapy, exercise and pre-release conditioning. Non-releasable animals occasionally provide valuable research information or may become educational birds.

This Center also seeks to reduce human impact on wildlife and the environment, to participate in captive propagation and reintroduction projects, to facilitate the training of students to participate in research related to habitat and population management, wildlife regulation, and enforcement, and to actively participate in public education programs that would expose both children and adults to environmental concerns, ecological concepts, and a responsible attitude toward all components of God's creation.