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Ray VanNeste

Ray VanNeste
Director of the RC Ryan Center for Biblical Studies and Assistant Professor of Christian Studies

The Gospel for Children
John B. Leuzarder
Details: 2002, Shepherd Press, orig. pub. 1996, Calvary Press, Amazon.comISBN: 0966378687
Posted: March 4, 2003

I was pleased to discover that Shepherd Press has republished this fine book. I first encountered it a few years ago and bought a copy for the children’s ministry of the church I pastored, vowing to buy my own copy when I had children. In recent years, I had been unable to find the book and found that Calvary Press no longer carried it. Working from memory, I found only minor changes in this second edition.

The book is in essence a large and colorful gospel tract intended for children ages five years and up. The author acknowledges J. I. Packer’s Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God as helping to form the basic outline of the book. As one might expect with the identification with Packer and Calvary Press, this is a God-centered gospel presentation.

The book opens with a preface explaining the intent of the book and a page (‘How to Use This Book’) describing the book’s layout and ways to use it in teaching. The actual content is arranged in six chapters: God, The Bible, Sin, Jesus, Repentance and Faith, and Counting the Costs. In each chapter main points are given in bold type and are accompanied with a color picture which serves as a memory help. Under the main points are bullet statements further expounding the main point. Endnotes are used to list scripture passages for each main point and for many of the other points. The author suggests children memorize the main points of each chapter. The book concludes with a one page summary of the gospel and a ‘What Next?’ page discussing how to handle a child’s profession of faith.

This is a fine book for use with children. It is essentially a mini-catechism. The gospel presentation is faithful and clear. I heartily recommend it.

Ray Van Neste

Union University