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The Homeplace Beckons

Kenneth Newman, Ed.D., Professor of Educational Leadership, Jackson

January 1, 2010 - Publication

Abstract ,p>"The Homeplace Beckons" began as a narrative prepared for a professional session I presented at Beech Bluff Elementary School entitled "A Sense of Place," based on the rich history of the Beech Bluff Community and tied in to using children's literature in the classroom. After writing the narrative, I decided I wanted it to appear more as a poem.

It is based on an earlier poem, "The Old Beech Tree," centered around a family visit to the old homeplace in Beech Bluff, Tennessee. Whereas the earlier poem centered around the Beech tree, this piece also reflects on the two home sites near the Beech tree.

Newman, K. (December, 2009). The Old Beech Tree. Portals: Stories and Poems by Tennessee Writers. (pp. 91-93). Jackson, TN: Main Street Publishers.

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