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The Old Beech Tree

Kenneth Newman, Ed.D., Professor of Educational Leadership, Jackson

January 1, 2010 - Publication


"The Old Beech Tree" is a poem written in a workshop sponsored by the West Tennessee Council of Teachers of English around 1990. After discussion of a poet whose name I have forgotten, we were asked to write a poem modeled afte the same style. After a designated period of time, we were to pass the poem to the person on our right and that person was to conclude the poem by adding two lines. I had written 16 lines when I passed it to Mrs. Ruth Otey, a fellow English teacher, who added the two lines.

This poem was based on a visit with relatives to an old home place in Beech Bluff, Tennessee, where the center of attention that day was an old Beech tree where family had carved initials years before.

This poem was also published in Journal of the Union Faculty Forum, vol. 29, Fall 2009, published by Union University, prior to my poem being accepted for inclusion in Portals.

Newman, K. (December, 2009). The Old Beech Tree. Portals: Stories and Poems by Tennessee Writers, 9, 94. Jackson, TN: Main Street Publishers.

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