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Clifford presents at UM Student Research Forum

Anna C. Clifford, Ed.D., Professor of Education

May 25, 2006 - Anna Clifford presented at The University of Memphis 18th Annual Student Research Forum on April 11, 2006. The University of Memphis Student Research Forum is an annual event to showcase the diverse research undergraduate and graduate students involved in at the University of Memphis. It is co-sponsored by the Graduate School and the University Honors Program

Her presentation was entitled Preparation to Practice: Student Teachers’Uses of Technology and their Cooperating Teachers’ Impact.

Student teaching is a vital component of the professional preparation of preservice teachers. Many of today’s student teachers are products of teacher education programs which have undergone significant positive changes, better preparing preservice teachers to teach in the technological-savvy world. This study followed the experiences of eight preservice teachers from a liberal arts Christian university in the mid-south and their cooperating teachers during the fall of 2005. Results indicated preservice teachers were using technology to enhance lessons, cooperating teachers’ support did affect their use of technology, and preservice teachers were able to identify barriers/enablers which influenced their use of technology.(Spring, 2006)

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