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PIDT Conference

Anna C. Clifford, Ed.D., Professor of Education

June 1, 2008 - Dr. Anna Clifford served on the planning committee for the 2008 Professors of Instructional Design and Technology (PIDT) Conference. The conference was held on May 16-19, 2008 at the FTK Camp in Memphis, Tennessee. The conference was hosted by The University of Memphis-Instructional Design and Technology Program. This year was the 23rd year for PIDT and more than 75 professors of IDT and advanced doctoral students from across the country gathered.

“The Professors of Instructional Design and Technology (PIDT) Conference is an annual retreat where professors, selected doctoral students, and other individuals interested in instructional design/instructional technology gather from around the nation. By design PIDT is a small conference with typically 60 – 100 attendees and is held alternatively in the mountains of Virginia and Colorado and among the bluffs of the Mississippi River in Memphis, TN. It is a great opportunity for participants to visit, brainstorm, collaborate, and share with others with strong interests in instructional design. The structure of the program, interests and abilities of those in attendance."-Clif Mims (May, 2008)

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