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A Faithful Friend

Stephen R. Marvin, Ed.D., Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies in Education, Germantown & Associate Professor of Education

April 19, 2009 - Publication


Some friends are true, but fair weather friends flee when you deal with hardship. Often, it is in difficult times that we are best able to clarify our truest friends. Our fair weather friends may flee, but our true friends will stay by our side.

The same principle relates to our relationship with God. When things may not be going our way, we may feel that God has abandoned us. We may have a tendency to blame God for our troubles. We might even turn our back on Him. Our of pain, frustration, and self-pity, we may view our hardship incorrectly. But let us never forget that God is a true friend and He's always with us. He may be allowing us to struggle with something we can overcome in order to test our faith and allegiance toward Him. In times of trouble, we should remain faithful and true to Him.

God is a true friend. Are you a fair weather friend or a true friend toward God? No matter our circumstances, w should never turn our back on the One who loves us most, our truest friend, our heavenly Father, God. (Matthew 28:20b) (2009)

Marvin, S. (April-June, 2009). A faithful friend. Power for today, 55(2), 90.

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