differentiation look like in the classroom?" from Research & Resources offered by the Rosebrough Center for Educational Practice at Union University in Tennessee" /> differentiation look like in the classroom?", Research, Resources, Rosebrough Center, Educational Practice, Union University, Tennessee" />
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Newman asks, "What does differentiation look like in the classroom?"

Kenneth Newman, Ed.D., Professor of Educational Leadership, Jackson

March 1, 2010 - In February,Dr. Kenneth Newman led a professional development session for Hardeman County Career Technical Education (CTE)Teachers, in Bolivar, Tennessee. During the session entitled Differentiation in the CTE Classroom, Dr. Newman gave an overview via PowerPoint and led a discussion that provided an overview of differentiation for Hardeman County CTE teachers from Bolivar and Middleton. Differentiation was a new term for these teachers, so hands-on activities were used to practice what differentiation might look like in their classrooms. A big part of the day centered around Marcia Tate's 20 Ways the Brain Learns Best. (February, 2010)

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