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Atkins Discusses Joy in the Middle School Classroom

Michele W. Atkins, Ph.D., Chair, Institutional Review Board & Professor of Education

February 14, 2009 - Dr. Michele Atkins presented Creating Joy in the Middle School Classroom at the Lifelines for New Teachers Conference. The conference was held at Jackson State Communnity College in Jackson, Tennessee

Several researchers in the field of education of late (e.g., Wagner, 2007; Wolk, 2008) have examined 21st century learning skills in an attempt to uncover the types of learning activities P-12 school children should be engaged in today in preparation for careers of tomorrow. Others (e.g., Little, 2001; Wasserman, 2008; Wasserstein, 1995) have asked students what they need in order to create classroom environments conducive to optimum learning. This highly interactive workshop conveyed these 21st century skills to participants. Furthermore, participants engaged in 21st century learning activities and reflected on encorporating these skills and activities into their instructional toolbox. (January, 2009)

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