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International Student Teaching

Dottie Myatt, Ed.D., Assistant Dean, Teacher Education & Accreditation & Professor of Education

May 25, 2010 - Preparing Teachers for the Classrooms of the World…it’s far more than a catch phrase…it’s a reality of Union’s Teacher Education Program!

In Spring 2003, junior Sarah Hubbard approached Dr. Dottie Myatt, Director of Teacher Education, about the possibility of student teaching in an international setting. Dr. Cynthia Jayne, Director of the Institute for International and Intercultural Studies, had recently visited George Washington Academy, an American school in Casablanca, Morocco, and highly recommend that we pursue placement there. GWA was most willing and eager to host Sarah for the full semester and placed her with a fourth grade teacher and with a teacher who taught seventh and eighth grade science and history. Sarah was on her way!

The next year, Tiffany Glaze requested to be placed in Honduras. Union had a connection with a family serving as missionaries in Honduras. Through that connection, Tiffany was placed at Ebenezer Academy for the last half of the semester of student teaching.

When several more students expressed interest in international student teaching, Dr. Myatt researched organizations that place international student teachers around the world. Union’s Teacher Education Program decided to join the Christian College Teacher Education Coordinating Council ( which is affiliated with Interaction International. CCTECC had 16 member institutions including Anderson, Biola, Taylor, and Wheaton. Student teachers placed by CCTECC are required to attend the Pre-experience Orientation (PEO) held in Indiana the semester before student teaching. The PEO provides invaluable information about living and teaching in other cultures and provides the opportunity for student teachers from several Christian institutions across the country to meet and interact.

Since 2004 when Union placed its first international student teacher, seven other student teachers (Tiffany Glaze, Rachel Cazalas, Sarah Herzog, Bonnie Duffield Mlalazi, Alaina Bare Holland, Lydia Bond Barnes, and Ashley Diehm Fern) have been placed in Honduras, Israel, Uganda, Ireland, Costa Rica, and Ecuador.

In spring 2011, Amanda Baldwin, elementary education major, will be student teaching at Haven of Peace Academy in
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Kelsey Samples, music education major, will be student teaching at the International Academy of Beijing, China.

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