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Dr. Atkin's Leadership with the Discipline Specific Honor Program

Michele W. Atkins, Ph.D., Chair, Institutional Review Board & Professor of Education

January 20, 2011 -

Dr. Atkins outlines the development process of the proposal ...

"The QEP at Union University called for the development of an honors program under the direction of an Honors Community Leadership Committee (HCLC). There are two types of honors programs under the new system: general honors and discipline-specific honors. Discipline-specific honors allows individual department or schools to design programs specific to their needs. Recently, the School of Education (SOE) made the decision to design such a program. Due to my experience serving on the HCLC and interest in research, I was chosen to synthesize the recommendations and comments from the School in order to develop the SOE's proposal for discipline-specific honors.
First, I provided a presentation to the SOE regarding general information and possibilities for discipline-specific honors in Education. Second, professors of instructional design and special education courses met to discuss options. Third, I synthesized ideas, developed the proposal, and wrote rubrics for evaluation. Fourth, a presentation of the proposal was made to the SOE for approval. Fifth, the proposal was shared with the HCLC for comments and suggestions for improvement. The proposal will be placed on the portal soon for comments."

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