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Scholarship of Teaching

Thomas R. Rosebrough, Ph.D., Executive Dean, College of Education and Human Studies & University Professor of Education

March 30, 2011 - Drs. Tom Rosebrough and Ann Singleton presented at the recent Conference for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning hosted by Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia. Their presentation, A Pedagogical Framework for the Scholarship of Teaching, offered participants the opportunity to extend their understanding of the scholarship of teaching. At the university level, most faculty members spend their time thinking about their disciplines. The question then becomes, “How can these faculty members become more intentional about the examination of their teaching?” Thinking deeply about a personal philosophy of teaching within a structure that supports this philosophy in the classroom is a process involving how students learn as well as how teachers teach. Rosebrough and Singleton offered participants a framework for their teaching with reflective questions to facilitate their thinking. The framework defined the teacher as having three distinct roles: (1) the teacher as scholar, (2) the teacher as practitioner, and (3) the teacher asrelater. Participants, representing various disciplines in higher education, examined the framework presented and the supporting questions and responded vigorously to the presenters.

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