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From Pride Through Prejudice

Carren M. Marvin, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Education, Germantown

September 10, 2011 - Union University 5th Annual Educational Forum
September 2011
Germantown, TN

From Pride Through Prejudice: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Dialogue of At-Risk and Privileged Learners presented by Dr. Carren Gallaher

Language and the physical articulation of the spoken word can reveal not only one's level of academic competence but also his or her degree of assimilation into the expectations of the dominant culture. From a study examining student dialogue in both standard-level and honors-level high school English courses, two illustrative cases were presented that offered both inspiring and haunting insights into the dynamics of race and social class as they were asserted and subverted in the learning environment. Critical Discourse Analysis applied to these two cases informed and cautioned educators as to the potential language has to be the currency of power assertion in the classroom.

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