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School of Education - Accreditation Report

Dottie Myatt, Ed.D., Assistant Dean, Teacher Education & Accreditation & Professor of Education

October 9, 2012 - The School of Education is looking forward to the March 10-12, 2013, site visit by the NCATE and State Boards of Examiners (BOE), Dr. Myatt compiled the NCATE Institutional Report and submitted it along with 375 electronic exhibits. The NCATE BOE will conduct an off-site visit in November, after which they will report on their initial review of the report and exhibits and request additional information. Union's School of Education will submit a response to the off-site report for review by the BOE prior to the site visit in March. While on campus, the BOE will view displays, conduct numerous interviews, and visit school sites where teacher candidates are placed for field and clinical experiences.

The accreditation review consists of data-driven evidence that the School of Education is making continuous improvement in the initial and advanced programs, the primary purpose for accreditation.

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