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Newman Common Core Leadership Course

Kenneth Newman, Ed.D., Professor of Educational Leadership, Jackson

December 30, 2013 - On Decemebr 11, 2013, Dr. Kenneth Newman attended the CCSS Leadership Training for Middle School Administrators.

The Common Core Leadership Course 101 & 202 is intended to support school and district leaders as they implement the Common Core State Standards in math and English language arts/literacy and prepare for the PARCC exam. Recognizing that the areas of needed support, priorities and responsibilities differ by administrator, the content delivered at these trainings is tailored according to grade band (elementary, middle and high) and are exclusively designed for school and district leaders.

"Since I teach in a leadership and curriculum program, I felt it important to attend a TN Department of Education training session for administrators. This training series impresses on administrators their involvement in the Common Core process and to make sure they understand the changes that are taking place in curriculum." -Dr. Newman

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