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Mentoring Seminar Courses

Dottie Myatt, Ed.D., Assistant Dean, Teacher Education & Accreditation & Professor of Education

March 1, 2010 - When the Tennessee Department of Education implemented the Alternative Type II/Transitional licensure program, mentoring of new teachers was a major component. Dr. Dottie Myatt, created 2 courses, Mentoring Seminars I & II, that met some of the licensure standards and provided quality and consistent support for first- and second-year teachers. The courses were designed to be online and provide consistency across two campuses with one common syllabus and assignments. The course creation process involved extensive collaboration with P-12 teachers and school system personnel.

A critical component of the Transitional licensure program is mentoring of first- and second-year teachers. First-year teachers must participate in 100 hours of mentoring activities, and second-year teachers must participate in 50 hours of mentoring activities. Dr. Dottie Myatt has mentored three of the Transitional teachers over the past three years.

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