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Differentiated Instruction

Kenneth Newman, Ed.D., Professor of Educational Leadership, Jackson

February 23, 2010 - Dr. Kenneth Newman participated in a Differentiated Instruction Workshop led by Carolyn Chapman, who has authored and co-authored nine books on various aspects of differentiated instruction. This particular workshop dealt with differentiating instructional management. As a result of participating in this workshop, he used her text for restructuring and teaching EDU 611, Differentiating Instruction, an M.Ed. course taught in the summer.

Carolyn Chapman continues her life's goal as an international educational consultant, author and teacher.  She supports educators in their process of change for today's students.  She has taught in kindergarten to college classrooms.  Her interactive, hands-on professional development opportunities focus on challenging the mind to ensure success for learners of all ages.  All students Do learn.  Why not take control of that learning by putting excitement and quality in effective learning!  Carolyn walks her walk and talks her talk to make a difference in the journey of learning in today's classrooms. Carolyn authored If the Shoe Fits....How to Develop Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom.  She has co-authored Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Writing in Content Areas,Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Reading in Content Areas, Multiple Assessments for Multiple Intelligences, Multiple Intelligences through Centers and Projects, and Test Success in the Brain Compatible Classroom." ~


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