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Easley Shares Course Redesign

Nancy Easley, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Education, Germantown

April 1, 2009 - Dr. Nancy M. Easley presented at An International Conference on Teaching and Learning in Statesboro, Georgia. Her conference session was titled: From Then to Now: My Story of Course Redesign The SoTL Common.

How can a professor redesign a capstone class that is to synthesize key concepts of a master of education program? The presenter’s initial design (2007) focused on the primary instructional methodology of student generation of integrative questions and the application of these questions to teaching. The process of redesign began by examining the effectiveness of this methodology through personal observations, student reflections on learning, dialogs with other instructors teaching the course, and ongoing formative and summative evaluations. The result was a more effective capstone experience (2008).
The presentation elucidates this longitudinal experience by outlining the course as taught the first time, examining the learning principles that underscored the need for change, and presenting the results of the second iteration of the class. This session proposes a model for course redesign. Participants will engage in conversation about the presenter’s reasons for change expressed in the model for course redesign. (March, 2009)

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