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  • Supporting America's Teachers: Ten Educational Principles That Should Not Be Reformed

    By Eric D. Marvin, Ed.D.

    Teaching is a noble profession.  For generations, including the bygone era of the one-room schoolhouse, teachers have shaped the future.  Teachers are the first to teach math to doctors, reading to lawyers, history to archeologists, science to pharmacists, and computer skills to businessmen.  With character and concern, teachers have a profound impact on the lives of the students they serve.

  • Encouraging Educators to Teach Online

    By Thomas R. Rosebrough, Ph.D.

    I have the privilege to serve in a great discipline called Education. It is a wonderful, complex mix of theory and practice aimed at connecting a teacher’s knowledge of subject matter to the needs and potential of learners. The art and science of connecting teaching with learning is called pedagogy. As educators we should know pedagogy, and across time societies have placed varying demands upon how we must best engage our learners. Online education is the latest challenge we must meet.

  • Connecting the Smarts of an Interactive Whiteboard

    student at white boardBy Anna C. Clifford, Ed.D.

    Ready to reflect? Think back into your school days when the chalkboard was black, the chalk was white, and it was your turn to dust the eraser. Can you remember the boards being painted green and the chalk changing to yellow? It seems like just a few years ago we drove to the local paneling store, purchased shower wallboard, and tacked it over the chalkboard in our daughter's classroom to magically create affordable, dry-erase boards. Her dad took the leftover shower board and cut it into 18-inch squares, which she called individual student boards, after attaching a clean sock for the eraser.

  • Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned from a Kindergarten Teacher

    By Carren M. Marvin, Ed.D.

    As a budding high school English teacher, my favorite pastime during my last year or two of college was browsing through office supply and teacher stores. Call me weird, but I loved the smell of scotch tape, the synergy that emerged when a brand new notebook met a needle-sharp pencil for the first time, and the excitement of a fresh theme-oriented bulletin board that was not outlined in corrugated scalloped border.

  • Crib Sheets and Exams

    crib-sheets.pngBy Ken Newman, Ed.D.

    Some courses can seem less exciting than others to students. By perception at least, Curriculum Development and Implementation was one of those undervalued courses! My mission was to change that perception. Determined to never allow it to become dull and boring, I kept a sharp eye out for innovative ways to deliver the material. While thumbing through Learning Centered Teaching by Maryellen Weimer (2002), I happened upon a section entitled "Using the Exam Itself Better" (p. 135).

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