Collegium on Christ, Knowledge and Wisdom

West Jackson Baptist Church

January 20 & 21, 2004


Tuesday, January 20, 2004


9:00-10:00                   Session One:

Integrating Faith and Learning: An Unapologetic Case for Christian Higher Education:  David Dockery                                   


10:00- 10:15                Q & A (Break)


10:15- 11:00                Session Two: Doctrinal Distinctives of Christian Higher Education:  David Dockery


11:00- 11:15                Break  


11:30- 12:15                Session Three: The Doctrine of Creation and Implications for Faculty Discipleship at Union University:

                                    Terry Morrison


12:15- 2:00                  Lunch and Babette’s Feast         


2:00- 3:00                    Session Four:  Incarnation: An Inductive Bible Study; Terry Morrison


3:00- 3:30                    Disciplines questionnaire for Hal’s presentation


Closing Prayer


Wednesday,  January 21, 2004        


9:00 -10:00                  Session Five:  The Doctrine of Redemption; Terry Morrison


10:00-10:15                 Break


10:15- 11:30                Session Six: The Doctrines and the Disciplines; Hal Poe


11:30- 12:30                Lunch and Discussion of Readings


12:30- 1:30                  Session Seven: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Faith Integration; Hal Poe


1:30 – 2:00                   Session Eight:  Faith Integration: A Matter of Discipleship;

                                    Nan Thomas


Closing Prayer



Learning in Wartime; The Weight of Glory; C.S. Lewis

The Spirit of the Disciplines; Dallas Willard pp 1-74; 130-191.

The Cost of Discipleship; Dietrich Bonhoeffer pp 45-86; 117-128.

Integrating Faith and Learning:  An Unapologetic Case for Christian

 Higher Education;  David S. Dockery