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Interview with Karen C. Miller, Business Administration - recipient of the Teaching and Learning Grant-Conference Attendance

Karen C. Miller

1. Briefly describe what you did with your Teaching and Learning Grant.

I utilized my Teaching and Learning Grant to attend the 9th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference in Washington, D.C. My schedule included sessions promoting the successful implementation of technology into the classroom. The conference was a great networking event to learn successful techniques from professors in multiple disciplinary areas outside of business. These courses included linking technology to course aims, using social media to promote classroom dialogue and discussions that maximize student participation and learning, utilizing the wiki for student collaboration and transparent interaction, and other effective pedagogical strategies for engaging students in online learning. In addition, Michele Atkins and Ann Singleton shared part of my course redesign strategies involving the work of Dee Fink in their presentation at the conference. I would strongly recommend the conference for professors to enhance their teaching skills at any level.

2. How was your teaching and your students’ learning enhanced by this grant?

After reading Dee Fink’s book concerning creating significant learning experiences, I began to redesign some of my courses with a more focused purpose for my students. This conference helped to build upon those ideas and redesigns. In addition, I am better able to redesign my curriculum with technology directly tied to my course objectives. I incorporated the class wikis in my graduate class this summer immediately after the conference and received great feedback from the students. I have also incorporated some of the other interactive technological tools in my fall classes and hope to build upon these in the spring.

3. How did (or might) this grant award lead to other opportunities to further develop your teaching and enhance learning?

This grant for conference attendance helped to provide a stronger foundation for redesigning and improving my class curriculum utilizing technology to enhance student learning. As I implement and evaluate these different tools in my classes, I hope to incorporate the successful strategies into a manuscript that I am currently pursuing which utilizes Dee Fink’s recommendations as well. I hope to be able to share these strategies with other accounting professors at future conferences.


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