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2012-13 Teaching and Learning Grant Recipients

October 26, 2012 - The following members of our faculty were awarded Teaching and Learning Grants:

Conference Attendance:

  • Cam Tracy – Communication Arts/Computer Science
  • Karen Martin – Languages
  • David Thomas – History
  • Emily Lean – Business Administration

Course Design/Redesign:

  • Jennifer Farroll – Athletic Training
  • Jason Crawford – English
  • Justin Barnard – Intellectual Discipleship and Chris Mathews – Music
  • Max Haifei Li – Computer Science
  • Christine Bailey – Composition Support/English

Other Activities:

  • James Huggins – Biology
  • Deidra Easley – Pharmacy

"Study is a specific kind of experience in which through careful observation of objective structures we cause thought processes to move in a certain way . . . When done with concentration, perception and repetition, ingrained habits of thought are formed."
-Richard Foster; Celebration of Discipline