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Certificate in Expository Preaching

Traditional Format

This program provides intensive teaching and training in the art of expository preaching. The goal is to encourage and equip expositors of the Word of God to "rightly divide the Word of truth" in the power of the Holy Spirit. Also, the program seeks to form a fellowship of preachers who are willing to commit themselves to a ministry of faithful Biblical exposition.

Each candidate is asked to complete an application providing information about personal spiritual experience, basic doctrinal commitments, and one's approach to expository preaching. This may be completed after attending Institute events, but it must be completed before the candidate is considered an official part of the program. The individual is not officially accepted into the Certificate Program until the Application and related documents are completed. The application fee is $25.



  1. Essentials of Expository Preaching (One of these two institutes must be onsite)
  2. Strengthening Expository Preaching (One of these two institutes must be onsite)
  3. Preaching for Spiritual Growth
  4. Evangelistic Expository Preaching
  5. Practical Preaching Workshop - Must be onsite


  1. Leadership by the Book
  2. Dynamics of the Church
  3. Other approved training events

Either Essentials or Strengthening are required to be onsite. The other onsite requirement is the Practical Preaching Workshop. In summary, there are four required core courses, a choice of one elective, and The Practical Preaching Workshop for a total of six institutes. Usage of the library is available during all institutes.

Candidates are encouraged to take all courses on our campus. The value of being with other like-minded learners is hard to measure. However, we realize that this is not possible for all participants, therefore the participant is allowed to take some of the courses via distance learning.

Practical Preaching Workshop

The candidate will preach an expository message and be critiqued during the Practical Preaching Workshop. A complete manuscript of a message must be submitted with the registration for the Practical Preaching Workshop. A complete manuscript of (another) message (to be preached at the Workshop) must be submitted upon arrival at the Workshop. The candidate will write a personal response to the critique process before the end of the Workshop.


Further Details

Following completion of the Certificate Program requirements, the candidate may choose to complete a further step to become a Stephen Olford Fellow in Expository Preaching.

All details of the Certificate in Expository Preaching Program and the Fellowship of Preaching will be contained in the handbook for this program. (see below)

Please contact The Stephen Olford Center at Union University for further details.

Items of Note

Certificate Program - 7-Week Format

In addition to the traditional format for our Certificate Program, we are offering an alternative two-month model. This format is condensed, running for two months in the Fall of 2014. Arrivals will take place beginning September 8, 2014. The program begins Monday morning, September 8, 2014 and continues through Friday, October 24, 2014.

This program includes 5 institutes plus a full preaching workshop experience. Time will be provided for study in the Ministry Research Library, for preparation and delivery of sermons, and to complete all exercises and assignments. The program is designed with pastors, preachers, evangelists in mind, those experienced or those considering a preaching ministry. There will an extensive application process for all participants.

General Schedule


  1. Full program/room/board: $3900 per participant
  2. Full program/no room/ lunches included: $1750
  3. Full program/27 days-room-board (for those returning home on weekends): $2600

The fee includes materials for the courses.

Each participant will be responsible to pay a $100 fee for registration, due upon arrival.

To apply

The Certificate Program Application should be submitted. If you are interested in a grant, you must fill out an additional application. Please contact rhoppe@uu.edu for a grant application. Further details are available upon request. If you have questions, please call our office at 901-757-7977.

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