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Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth: Essentials of Expository Preaching

This course brings together the spiritual, personal, and practical elements of expository preaching. It addresses (1) the theological essentials of what expository preaching is and does, as well as its biblical authority; and (2) the practical essentials of the development and delivery of expository sermons. The spiritual formation of the preacher is emphasized as well as the fundamental elements of incarnational preaching and the place of the Holy Spirit in preaching.

Christ in all the Scriptures: Strengthening Expository Preaching

This course is designed to strengthen each student's expository preaching skills in three primary areas: (1) some of the challenging elements of the sermon that every preacher faces; (2) some of the interpretive traps to avoid and guidelines to follow; and (3) how to study, interpret, and sermonize some of the different types of biblical literature.

Expository Preaching and Spiritual Growth

This institute focuses on how expository preaching is effective in leading Christians toward biblical discipleship and spiritual maturity in Christ. Messages on Christian growth and sanctification will be modelled. Emphasis will be given to preaching the "balance of truth" in a sequential manner, with insights into how to preach the "whole counsel of God." The objectives of preaching will be examined in the light of its intended purpose and the anticipated results such as sanctification, revival, and Christian maturity. This institute will be helpful for pastors, Bible teachers, and ministry leaders.

Practical Preaching and Teaching Workshop

This special and intensive workshop offers a small-group atmosphere designed to improve the teaching and preaching skills of the participant. In addition to instructional sessions dealing with important aspects of incarnational communication and delivery, the participants will gain practical experience in preaching a message and receiving constructive feedback and critique. Prior to the workshop, each participant will be required to submit two sermons which will be reviewed at a private coaching session.


Leadership by the Book

This institute helps participants in their biblical understanding of incarnational leadership and its application to the church and ministry in general. Participants are given practical instruction that assesses and addresses problems within and outside the church. As well, participants will be challenged in the enhancement of their own God-given gifts in order to more effectively lead, mentor, and instruct the people of God, as well as to encourage their constituents in practical participation in the ministry of the church. This institute is applicable to church leaders, parachurch leaders, and denominational leaders alike.

Dynamics of the Church: Its Nature, Structure, and Operations

The focus of this institute is to help the participants to develop a biblical and practical understanding of some of the leadership and administrative aspects of church life, as well as some of the interactive forces in its make-up. The leadership structure of the church will be examined with an emphasis on the biblical qualifications, authority, and responsibilities of elders and deacons. A philosophy of, and biblical approach to, church ministry, leadership, and planning will be developed. Some of the church's administrative operations and internal relationships and communications will be discussed, including the resolution of conflict and the exercise of church discipline. As well, the dynamic issues of church culture, change, and control will be addressed.

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