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The world around us is constantly shifting. In Union’s graphic design emphasis, you will study and analyze this movement in visual culture and make work that not only engages, but also informs and changes the perspective of cultural communication from the inside out.

Union’s program is a skill-based model formulated in the Bauhaus method of education and strongly holds to the apprenticeship system. Students will be challenged to think about design outside of the box and engage in the design world through new and innovative forms. Students are encouraged to view design through a Christian perspective and visually converse through topics such as: design ethics, typography, illustration, advertising, identity design and package design. At Union, you will have the opportunity to join the greater design community with the American Advertising Federation (AdFed) and the American Institute for Graphic Artists (AIGA). Both of which, are national organizations with active chapters on campus. With the landscape of media changing at a quickened pace, Union’s faculty and staff are active professionals in their fields and work to find placement for each of their students in local, national and international internships. Union provides its graphic design students with a state-of-the-art MAC lab, which is supported by the most current and cutting-edge platforms and software available. Students are also eligible by their sophomore year to apply for studio space in the art department. Union also plays host to a variety of national and local guest speakers, working professionals, printers, agency field trips and serves as a connection point to a vast array of alumni that provide a touchstone for many of our future graduates.

Mary Annis, senior DMS major, talks to her fellow AIGA members about a recent AIGA conference that she attended. AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) is an organization where students can network with the graphic design community through the Union chapter.


Graphic Design
Visual Aesthetics
Digital Media Studies
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