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Potter's Guild

The Union Potter's Guild is made up of the upperclassmen Ceramic students. The guild has a President and Secretary Treasurer. The jobs of each are listed as follows:

  • President: responsible for all planning involved in the pottery sale. (i.e. making posters, mailing postcards, ordering tables, etc.)
  • Secretary Treasurer: responsible for counting and calculating all money from the pottery sale. Must aid the president in planning the pottery sale.

Each year the Potter's Guild hosts a biannual Pottery Sale. In the past, the revenue from the Pottery Sale has paid for:

  • Educational trips to places like New York or Chicago
  • Various supplies for art students
  • Workshops presented by well-known artists
  • The construction of an advanced painting studio

Pottery Sale Bylaws

Who can get involved?

  • Only Union art students, art faculty, and art staff are allowed to participate in the pottery sale.

Where do the profits go?

  • The profits from the pottery sale are divided 70-30%, with 30% of all profits going to the Potter's Guild and 70% of the profits going back to the artists
    • The only exemption to this rule is if a person is donating all their profits to a non-profit organization that is approved by the Potter's Guild.

What is acceptable to sell in the Pottery Sale?

  • As the name suggests, the primary merchandise in the sale will be handmade pottery or ceramics.
  • If room permits other forms of handmade art may be sold (such as paintings) with the understanding that 30% of the profits will still go to the Potter's Guild.
  • Items put in the pottery sale may ONLY include handmade items.
  • The Potter's Guild must approve any art forms from being sold that are not pottery or ceramic. They reserve the right to refuse these items from being sold if they are not considered "high craft."
  • All non-ceramics students wanting to participate must ask permission from the president of the potter's guild or the head of the department.

What are the responsibilities of participating in the pottery sale?

  • Artists are responsible for setting their own tables up the night before the sale. (Tables will be provided) With faculty and staff getting first priority, followed with upperclassmen ceramics students, then introduction ceramics students, and only if room permits may other art be sold.
  • All participants of the pottery sale are responsible for helping with cleaning up immediately following the end of the sale.
  • All participants of the pottery sale are responsible for signing up for a shift to work the check out desk during the pottery sale.
  • The artists are responsible for pricing all of their own items. Each price tag must include the cost of the item AND the artists' initials. (This is how the Guild keeps track of the money each artist makes) If initials are not listed, then the Guild reserves the right to keep the profits from that sale. If the cost is not listed then the Guild reserves the right to sell the item at their discretion.


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