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James Huggins headshot

Dr. James Huggins

University Professor of Biology
108C White Hall, Box 3145
Union University
Jackson, Tennessee 38305
(731) 661-5144
Personal web page


  • B.S.A. and M.S.; Arkansas State University
  • Ph.D.; University of Memphis
  • Additional Studies; University of Tennessee, Memphis
  • Additional Studies; Mid-American Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Additional Studies; University of Memphis
  • Additional Studies; University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine, The Raptor Center

Courses Commonly Taught

  • Undergraduate
    • BIO 110: Global Biology
    • BIO 200: Wildlife Biology
    • BIO 214: Vertebrate Zoology
    • BIO 305: Conservation Techniques
    • BIO 312: Comparative Anatomy
    • BIO 322: Human Gross Anatomy
    • BIO 336: Ecology & Conservation of the Vertebrates
    • BIO 355: Environmental Ethics
  • Graduate
    • BIO 505: Applied Anatomy & Physiology I
    • BIO 507: Applied Anatomy & Physiology II
    • BIO 509: Applied Gross Anatomy
    • BIO 585: Immunological Response to Infectious Disease

Research/Scholarship Interests

Undergraduate Research Projects in Progress

  • Virginia Warren: Grazing Preferences of Free-ranging Zebra
  • David Hamilton: Maximum Nest Box Construction for Screech Owls
  • Amanda Atkinson: Mammalian Ear Ossicles and Niche Placement
  • Abby Parker: Shiloh’s Nesting Eagles
  • Amanda Ellis: Worm medication Regimes for Stabled Horses
  • Scott Hawley: Owl Pellets as a Form of Monitoring Small Mammal Populations
  • Laura Finley : Using Molecular Techniques to Determine the Presence of Potential Pathogens in Raptors
  • Matthew Bershires: Scent Station Attractants in West Tennessee
  • Jordan Hughey: Home Ranges and Movements in Box Turtles

Recent Undergraduate Research Projects Supervised

  • Brian Bodnarchuk: Establishing Artificial Colonies of Louse Flies
  • Daniel Cathey: Comparison of Various Attractants at Scent Stations when Estimating Mammalian Populations
  • John Hawley: Survival of Relocated Terrapenes
  • Phillip Mitchell: Comparisons of Small Mammal Communities in Suburban Woodlands.
  • Josh Mann: A Comparison of Species Diversity of Owl Pellet Contents and the Specimens Captured by Conventional Mammal Trapping Techniques.
  • Robert Wadley: An Analysis of the Feeding Patterns for Barn Owls Using Owl Pellets Collected in Southwestern Henderson Co., TN.
  • Luke Grant: Determination of the Effect of Bobcat Urine on Wildlife Populations in West Tennessee by Use of Scent Stations.
  • Josh Smith: Effects of Temperature and Precipitation on the and summer Movements ofTerrapene carolinea
  • Dexter Rich: Measuring the Effects of Amoxicillen and Fosfomycin Combinations by Disk Diffusion Against E. coli Growth


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  • Grigg, A., J. A. Huggins and W. H. Wofford. 2000. The frequency and occurrence of aggressive behavior in a male lion-tail macaque (Macaca silenus) population and an examination of the effects of kava kava (Piper methysticum) on aggression levels. J. of Tenn. Acad. Of Sci. 75 (3-4): 91 (abstract)
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