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Study and Serve

Opportunities in England and Ireland

Study:Have you ever wanted to study abroad, but didn't know where to start? Worried about getting off track? Not sure if courses will transfer? If so, this program may be for you! We've done a lot of the work to answer those questions in advance. This program is designed as a Fall Junior year experience for Biology majors. Working through International Study Abroad (ISA), an organization who does a lot of the leg work for students interested in studying abroad, we've identified five top universities in England (Kings College, University of Roehampton, University of Reading) and Ireland (Trinity College and University College Dublin) that we think will provide great learning and cross-cultural experiences for biology majors. But that's not all...

Serve: We believe that student experiences should not only be "excellence-driven", but also "Christ-centered", "people-focused", and "kingdom-oriented". So, not only have we made arrangements with some excellent universities, we've also contacted various evangelical churches and ministries to provide Christian community and an avenue for service for Biology students. Each of the schools selected operates from a secular basis (as is true for nearly every college/university in Europe) and so having Christian community is going to be very important.

Scholarship: To help facilitate these experiences, the Biology Department is offering one competitive $1000 scholarship for Study and Serve Abroad applicants each year. This will be based not only on academic qualifications, but also on an essay describing the applicant's desire to serve in a cross-cultural context.

Participating Universities

Things to Note

  1. If you are interested in this program and want to discuss your options, contact: Dr. Mark Bolyard, Chairman, Department of Biology (731.661.6586;
  2. Your next steps will be to talk with your academic advisor about how to plan your academic career to make this work, and to meet with Mrs. Victoria Malone (, who oversees Union's External Study opportunities.
  3. These programs are organized by International Study Abroad (ISA) who has excellent staff members in London and Dublin to help you with anything you need. Each university also has great on-site staff to help as well.
  4. Each location has its own cost for a semester study ( There are also a variety of scholarships available.
Excellence-Driven Christ-Centered People-Focused Future-Directed