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Biology Honors

Are you a Biology major looking for an extra challenge? Do you desire additional depth from your Biology coursework? Would you like greater contact with Biology faculty, including the opportunity to have in-depth discussions on topics of interest to you? If the answer to these questions is yes, Biology Honors may be right for you. Completing this program of study would be a significant achievement and an impressive addition to your graduate or professional school application. You will be asked to read and think about biological topics in considerable depth in order to successfully complete our discipline-specific honors curriculum. Finishing this program will improve your critical thinking and reasoning skills, as well as your ability to communicate biological information effectively-skills that will serve you well regardless of your chosen career.

Admission to the program requires an overall GPA of 3.5 and a Biology GPA of 3.5. Students must have completed 16 hours of coursework applicable towards the Biology major, including BIO 112 and at least one 300-level BIO course. Ideally, students will apply late in their sophomore year or early in their junior year so they have sufficient time to complete the requirements prior to graduation. For a complete description of the admission and program requirements, please refer to the Department of Biology section in the Undergraduate Catalog. Qualified students may apply to the program by contacting the department chair, Dr. Mark Bolyard (, and completing the required application. 

Discipline-Specific Honors in Biology


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