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Dr. Huggins shows the rescue owl to students touring the department

Wildlife Rehab Center

The long-awaited wildlife rehabilitation facility has now found a home on the Union campus near our facilities management building. Our focus is on raptor rehabilitation. The caged portion of the building has been constructed large enough to house an eagle while being rehabilitated but has been designed so that partitioning can occur to house other birds of prey as there should be few eagles that come through our program. Please follow the photographic progression of our facility.

If you would like to donate to the cause, please contact Dr. James Huggins at jhuggins@uu.edu. For more coverage check the October 4, 2002, Cardinal and Cream article.

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adapted from The Raptor Almanac by Wendensaul

James Huggins

James Huggins

Eagle House

Eagle House Progression - May 2005

Eagle House

Eagle House Progression - March 2008

New Enclosure

New Enclosure - March 2008

broadwinged hawk

A Broad-winged Hawk being cared for through Union’s Biology Department.