Department News

Biochemistry Major Approved

Feb 15, 2011 - The Union University Department of Chemistry is pleased to announce that a biochemistry major has recently been approved by the faculty. Beginning in the fall of 2011, students will be able to select biochemistry from among several majors offered by the department including chemistry, chemical physics, and medical technology. The American Chemical Society recognizes biochemistry as a subdiscipline available for students seeking a chemistry major.

Biochemistry is the study of the structure and function of molecules in living organisms. It seeks to explain the molecular basis for cellular events such as metabolism, membrane transport, gene expression, and hormonal regulation. Although biochemistry was initially an interdisciplinary area of inquiry, it has emerged as a distinct discipline, complementing molecular biology in the study of the molecular basis of cell function. In the last two decades, biochemical research has had a profound impact on medicine as well as agriculture. In fact, biochemical research now accounts for over 35% of the Nobel Prizes in chemistry and 32% of the Nobel Prizes in medicine.

A biochemistry major is well-suited for the conscientious student wishing to prepare for a dynamic career in biochemical research, medicine, or pharmacy. Our program challenges students to think critically, strive for excellence, and apply biochemical knowledge to real-world scenarios. It will provide Union students with the solid foundation necessary to pursue the calling to which Christ has called them.