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Engineering Week 2014


We had a coffee and donut drop in on Monday. As the students trickled in throughout the morning they enjoyed a Monday pick me up as well as the chance to interact with their professors in a casual setting. During a conversation with a student, one of the professors started drawing an equation on their children's coloring board. Guess that's when you know you're in the engineering department! The guest visit from one of the faculty's two small children was another blessing.


We had a demonstration of controls set up in the SUB on Tuesday. We had a lot of great interaction with the student body as folks dropped by on their way to and from meals.



We had the great unveiling of the 3D printer and had a great turn out of engineering-majors and other majors alike! There was even a cake to celebrate the occasion, with our logo.


We ended the week with a picnic and enjoyed the weather and great conversation. Another great chance to eat delicious snacks and enjoy one another. It was a blast!


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