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Engineering Faculty

Engineering professors here at Union are committed Christians who are devoted to excellence in teaching, and they work hard to make the classroom both interesting and relevant. They have been recognized as outstanding teachers through significant University-level awards, including Faculty of the Year in 2007, the Newell Innovative Teaching Award in 2007, and honorable mention for the Newell award two additional years. Prior to coming to Union, all five full-time professors either worked in industry or taught at a Research I institution.

The competencies of Union’s engineering professors lie in diverse areas, enabling them not only to cover basic courses required by the curriculum but also to convey to students something of the breadth of careers available to engineers. Faculty members have interest and experience in energy, environmental engineering, robotics, computational analysis and optimization, physical electronics, manufacturing test processes, and medical image processing. In addition to their degrees in electrical and mechanical engineering, the professors as a group also have degrees in aerospace engineering, civil engineering, math, physics, education, and business. This diversity among faculty members is an excellent fit for a general engineering program and for Union University, with its emphasis on the integration of all knowledge through the Christian intellectual tradition.

Dr. Don Van
Dr. Jeannette H. Russ
Dr. Randal S. Schwindt
Dr. Jay D. Bernheisel
Dr. Georg Pingen
Excellence-Driven Christ-Centered People-Focused Future-Directed