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Department Honors December Graduates

Department faculty, along with members of the Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society, attended a formal French dinner at the home of Dr. Stephen Carls on December 9 to honor department majors who either graduated in December or who would be off- campus for their last semester of study in the spring. Those honored included Andrew Gamble, Sharon Hart, Heather Tobe, and Molly York, and each was individually recognized at the end of the dinner.

Among those who attended the December 9 dinner are: (front row, left to right) Dr. Stephen Carls, Natalie Treece, Gayra Jones, Cassie Harris, Dr. Judy LeForge, Jennifer May, Jessica Gertig, Sharon Hart, Dr. Kevin Cooney, Dr. Sean Evans; (back row, left to right) Molly York, Ben Burleson, Heather Tobe, Dr. David Thomas, Jared Myracle, Dr. Terry Lindley, John Crawford, and Professor Keith Bates.

Dr. Alice-Catherine Carls serves soup as the first course of the evening’s French dinner. Graduating history major Sharon Hart (second from the right facing camera) watches a water glass get filled.

Seated around the dining room table are (foreground left) Andrew Gamble, (back left to right front) Jared Myracle, Jennifer May, Jessica Gertig, Dr. David Thomas, and Gayra Jones.

Relaxing at the end of dessert are (back left to right front) Natalie Treece, Molly York, John Crawford, and Dr. Judy LeForge.

Playing as a women’s team in a Scattergories competition are (left to right) Bethany Kossick, Gayra Jones, Cassie Harris, Heather Tobe, and Natalie Treece. The women’s team won.

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