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Faculty News - Fall 2003

Professor Smothers Retires

Professor Marion Smothers retired from the Union University history faculty at the end of the 2002-2003 school year.  He taught American and world history courses at Union beginning in the fall of 1993.  The department recognized his distinguished service as a classroom teacher and department member at its annual awards banquet in early May. 

Dr. Carls presents a plaque to Professor Smothers for ten years of
outstanding service to the Department of History & Political Science.

Department Chair Attends Conferences

Dr. Stephen Carls, University Professor of History, attended two professional conferences during the spring of 2003.  On February 27, he was at the University of Tennessee at Martin to attend the Third Annual Civil Rights Conference, which focused on Tent City in Fayette County.  In early April he traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to participate in the forty-ninth annual conference of the Society for French Historical Studies.


Dr. Sean Evans Works on American Politics

Dr. Sean Evans, Assistant Professor of Political Science, has been quite active professionally.  He presented a paper entitled "The Guardian of Good Ideas: Minority Party Policy making in Congress" at the Southwestern Political Science Association in San Antonio, Texas in April, 2003.  Using data from House Republican archives for the 103rd Congress, Dr. Evans showed that the minority party develops policy alternatives as part of its legislative and public relations strategy to become the majority party.


Dr. Judy LeForge Studies Tennessee History

During the summer, Dr. Judy LeForge, Visiting Instructor of History, researched the history of Tennessee's black conventions for civil rights during the Reconstruction era.  The result was an article entitled "State Colored Conventions of Tennessee, 1865-1866."  These conventions served as both a sounding board for black grievances and a method of informing the Congress of the plight of blacks in the state.  This article will be presented at three conferences during the fall of 2003.  In addition, Dr. LeForge is seeking to have the article published in either the Tennessee Historical Quarterly or the West Tennessee Historical Society Papers.


Dr. Terry Lindley Works with Baptist History

In line with his strong interest in church history, Dr. Terry Lindley, Professor of History, presented a paper entitled "Texas Baptists' Response to Vietnam" at the Texas State Historical Association meeting in El Paso on March 6, and has since submitted the same paper to the Texas Baptist Journal for publication.  He also wrote a book review of Mark Newman's Getting Right with God: Southern Baptists and Desegregation, 1945-1995 that appeared in Fides et Historia (Winter/Spring 2003).


Political Science Professor Takes Leave to Work in Canada

Dr. Ann Livingstone, Associate Professor of Political Science, is currently on a professional leave of absence to work at the Pearson Peacekeeping Center in Clementsport, Nova Scotia.  She is serving there as the Director of Research and Program Development.  As director, she is responsible for the management, design, and development of all Pearson peacekeeping courses, which basically introduce and train civilians and military personnel to the legal, organizational, and operational aspects of peacekeeping.  She plans to resume her teaching responsibilities at Union in the spring of 2004.


Department Adds Two Part-Time Faculty

The department has two new part-time faculty members on board for the fall semester.  Ms. Nancy Thomas, who has an M.A. in political science from The Ohio State University, is teaching Introduction to Political Science and Western Political Theory.  Mr. David Riddick, a practicing attorney, is handling the political science course called International Organizations and Law.


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