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Faculty News - Fall 2009

Dr. Keith Bates participated in a Union University Honors Colloquium that dealt with "The Idea of History" in October.

Dr. Stephen Carls presented a paper titled "Engaging the Holocaust Face to Face" at the International Holocaust Studies Conference held on October 22-24 at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesburo; he was also the official photographer at the conference. He coordinated the Carls-Schwerdfeger History Lectureship with Professor David Hackett Fischer of Brandeis University on October 29. On November 5-7, he attended the Southern Historical Association Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, where he chaired a panel titled "Neo-Classical Values and Liberal Attitudes: Lafayette and the Transatlantic Revolutionary Era."

Dr. Judy LeForge presented a paper titled "'I don't know about Man, but I know what God can do.': The Nineteenth-Century Black Church and Biblically-Inspired Activism" as part of a panel called "Nineteenth-Century Religion" at the Tennessee Conference of Historians on September 25-26 at Cumberland University in Lebanon. The Journal of the Union Faculty Forum published her article "Alabama's Colored Conventions and the Exodus Movement: 1871-1879" in its 2009 issue which appeared in the fall. Dr. LeForge also supervised the history department's first dual credit course - History of World Civilization to the 18th Century - which Ms. Len Hamner taught at Briarcrest Christian School in Memphis.

Dr. Terry Lindley received confirmation that an article he prepared on "Texas Baptists and Vietnam" was published in Texas Baptist History.

Dr. David Thomas attended the 2009 InterVarsity Midwest Faculty Camp at Cedar Campus in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on June 20-26; Dr. John Sommerville, professor emeritus of English history at the University of Florida, was the featured speaker. In October, he participated in a Union University Honors Colloquium that focused on "The Idea of History."

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