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Dr. Thomas Has Book Published

Aug 21, 2008 - The history department's Dr. David Thomas recently had his book The Stories We Tell Our Children published by Royal Fireworks Press of Unionville, New York. The result of several years of scholarly effort, his work uncovers the historical past in the books that children first encounter. Dr. Thomas examines the material culture of these books, the social ordering of earlier generations that they reveal, and the historic values they embody. He explores the classic American historical experience as told in children's picture books: immigration and assimilation. After extended discussion of individual books, Dr. Thomas spends some time exploring groups of books, since studying the genre reveals trends and limitations better. Finally, he explores the boundaries between history and fiction. This is "integration" lived out: a Christian engagement with history, literature, and (to a lesser extent) art, in a genre that reaches a broad cross-section of our culture, including not just children, but parents, teachers, and other adults. The Stories We Tell Our Children is available from Royal Fireworks Press at http://www.rfwp.com/series84.htm#811.