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World-Renowned Military Historian Serves as 2008 Carls-Schwerdfeger History Lecturer

Oct 30, 2008 - Dr. Jeremy Black, Professor of History at Exeter University in Britain, presented two lectures on October 30 as the 2008 Carls-Schwerdfeger History Lecturer. In the afternoon, Dr. Black spoke to more than 150 people on “War, Technology, and the Rise of the West: 1450-2008 Reconsidered,” pointing out that the West’s technological advantages in this era did not necessarily guarantee Western military success. He emphasized that the key to military victory was convincing the other side that it had lost and getting the defeated local authorities to accept and internalize the victor’s ideas.

In his evening lecture, Dr. Black focused on “Why the Allies Won World War II.” He debunked the historical argument that the Axis powers lost the war because they were out-resourced and outmanned by the Allies. Instead, Professor Black contended that the Allies ultimately won because they made better use than did their enemies of the resources they had available to them, in part because of the Allies’ greater flexibility militarily. More than 700 people attended the lecture, which was followed by a question and answer time and an author’s book signing.

Dr. Jeremy Black talks about “War, Technology, and the Rise of the West: 1450-2008 Reconsidered” in Union’s Harvey Auditorium on the afternoon of October 30, 2008.

A large crowd fills Harvey Auditorium on October 30 to hear Dr. Jeremy Black speak on war, technology, and the West in modern times.

Head table guests at an October 30 dinner in honor of Dr. Jeremy Black include (clockwise beginning with the far side of the table) Dr. David Dockery, Dr. Jeremy Black, Dr. Carla Sanderson, Dr. James Patterson, Mrs. Donna Patterson, Dr. Judy LeForge, Dr. David Thomas, Dr. Keith Bates, and Dr. Terry Lindley.

Dr. Stephen Carls presents Union University President Dr. David Dockery with a copy of Dr. Jeremy Black’s biography of King George III; Dr. Black assists in the presentation ceremony.

A special birthday cake with university logos adds to the celebration of the birthdays of Dr. Jeremy Black (October 30) and Dr. David Dockery (October 28) at the October 30 dinner.

Dr. Jeremy Black speaks on the evening of October 30 to a crowd of more than 700 people on “Why the Allies Won World War II.”

Dr. Jeremy Black uses a map to pinpoint critical wartime sites in Europe during his lecture on the success of the Allies in the Second World War.

Dr. Jeremy Black signs a book for lecture attendee Dr. John Freeman on October 30.

Phi Alpha Theta Chapter President Joshua Abbotoy thanks Dr. Jeremy Black for his lecture presentations at Union University.