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Phi Alpha Theta Celebrates Its 55th Anniversary at Union with a Homecoming Reception

Nov 8, 2008 - The Delta-Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society celebrated its 55th anniversary (1953-2008) at Union University with a Homecoming reception on Saturday, November 8, 2008. Several home-made food items were prepared for the occasion, and three special displays were put up to introduce visitors to the history department and the activities of the Delta-Psi Chapter. Several Phi Alpha Theta and history department alumni attended the reception as did a number of current students in the society. All told, thirty-five people participated in the event.

A special Phi Alpha Theta display at Homecoming captures some of the history of Union’s Delta-Psi Chapter.

Dr. Keith Bates (left) talks with Jared Myracle, a Union University alumnus and Delta-Psi Chapter member, at the Phi Alpha Theta 55th anniversary reception on November 8.

Union University history alumnae Jennifer May and Cassie Harris sign the guest book at the Phi Alpha Theta reception on November 8.

Both current and former Union University history students enjoy the Phi Alpha Theta 55th anniversary reception on November 8. They are (left to right) Jennifer May, Nick Brown, Cassie Harris, Kathleen Cooper, and Carl Harken.

Phi Alpha Theta members Cassie Harris and Dr. Alice-Catherine Carls share a light moment together.

Attendees at the Phi Alpha Theta Homecoming reception enjoy food and conversation together. They are (left to right) Amy Brown, Noah Arnold, Lauren Bogdan, Dr. Keith Bates, Jared Myracle (back to the camera), Carl Harken (wearing baseball cap), Nick Brown, Cassie Harris, and Dr. Alice-Catherine Carls.