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History Honor Society Holds Its Annual Bake Sale

Apr 15, 2009 - The Delta-Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society held its Fifth Annual Franco-American Confection and Bake Sale on April 15, 2009. Dr. Alice-Catherine Carls, with the assistance of her daughter/Phi Alpha Theta member Elizabeth, provided a variety of French and American items for the sale, and they were joined by several Delta-Psi student members who contributed a rich assortment of baked goods for the occasion. Sale items included freshly baked croissants and cinnamon rolls, Madeleine tea cakes, dark chocolate and white chocolate truffles, white chocolate- raspberry muffins, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate taffy, baseball brownies, and peanut butter squares. Phi Alpha Theta members Joshua Abbotoy, Noah Arnold, Elizabeth Blevins, Lauren Bogdan, Kathleen Cooper, Kate Cline, and Katelyn O’Roark helped wait on customers at various points during the sale. Delta-Psi will use the proceeds from the sale to help fund future chapter projects.

A flier advertises the Fifth Annual Franco-American Confection and Bake Sale.

Joshua Abbotoy handles the Phi Alpha Theta bake sale table, while Buddy Seibert (left to right), Michelle Kossick, and Sharon Kossick decide what to buy.

Chris Malone (left) and Micah Snow purchase items at the bake sale, while Elizabeth Blevins (left to right), Noah Arnold, and Joshua Abbotoy work as salespeople.

Katelyn O’Roark (left) and Kathleen Cooper wait for customers to arrive outside Union’s Lexington Inn.