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Phi Alpha Theta Sponsors Carl Harken Baseball Day

Apr 17, 2009 - The Delta-Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society, joined by the ladies of Union’s Kappa Delta Sorority, sponsored a Carl Harken Baseball Day on Friday, April 17, 2009. Carl (#15) is a starting pitcher on the Union Bulldogs baseball team, and he is the 2008-2009 vice-president of Delta-Psi. Allowing only three hits, Carl went the distance in his April 17 game against Bethel College, and Union won 17-0.

Two Carl Harken Day participants made special signs in support of Carl, several Phi Alpha Theta members wore their red Delta-Psi Chapter T-shirts, and four Kappa Delta members wore T-shirts that together spelled “Carl.” Carl’s parents and brother joined with the members of Phi Alpha Theta and Kappa Delta to cheer on #15, and all were pleased with the game’s outcome. To add to the specialness of the occasion, Delta-Psi provided homemade carrot cake cupcakes for the baseball team and the twenty-five attendees who were involved in Carl Harken Baseball Day.

Many of those who participated in Carl Harken Baseball Day gather for a photo before start of his game on April 17. They are: (front row, left to right) Kristen Fabrizio, Angela Patterson, Lanette Gilbert, Katy Williams, Kayleigh Mitchell, and Kat McCulloch; (middle row, left to right) Joshua Abbotoy, Kathleen Cooper, Elizabeth Blevins, Jill Brown, and Mathilde Girault; (back row, left to right) Noah Arnold, Dr. Keith Bates with his daughter Rachel, B. J. Harken, Mr. Charlie Harken, Mrs. Sue Harken, Dr. Catherine Carls, and Dr. Stephen Carls.

Sarah Conway, with help from Carl Harken’s father, holds a sign she made for Carl Harken Baseball Day.

Dr. David Thomas and his wife Nancy relax between innings at the April 17 baseball game to celebrate Carl Harken.

Dr. Keith Bates cares for his daughter Rachel during the baseball game on April 17.

Kristen Fabrizio (left to right), Angela Patterson, Lanette Gilbert, and Garyn Simonye proudly wear their lettered T-shirts to spell “Carl.” In the row behind them are Carl’s dad, brother, and mother. In third row are Kathleen Cooper (left) and Sarah Conway.

Carl Harken throws a pitch during the first game of a doubleheader against Bethel College on April 17.

Kevin Kirksey (left to right), Alex Turner (#20), Danny Grimm (#4), and Carl Harken (#15) congratulate each other following Union’s victory over Bethel College in the first game of a doubleheader.

Dr. Catherine Carls delivers carrot cake cupcakes to the Union Bulldogs’ dugout following the team’s victory over Bethel College.

Standing together following Carl Harken’s pitching victory over Bethel are: the Kappa Delta ladies in green T-shirts – (left to right) Kristen Fabrizio, Angela Patterson, Lanette Gilbert, and Garyn Simonye – and Union supporters (left to right) Noah Arnold, Kathleen Cooper, Sarah Conway, Mr. Charlie Harken, Carl Harken, and Mrs. Sue Harken.

Carl Harken stands with the green T-shirted Kappa Delta ladies Kristen Fabrizio, Angela Patterson, Lanette Gilbert, and Garyn Simonye after his shutout pitching performance against Bethel College.