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Department Honors Graduating Seniors at Year-End Cookout

May 15, 2009 - The 17th Annual Phi Alpha Theta/History Department Cookout took place on May 15, 2009, at Dr. Stephen Carls’s home, where the department honored graduating history majors and graduating members of Phi Alpha Theta. Dr. Carls presented all graduates with special gifts, and graduating Phi Alpha Theta members also received honor cords to wear at graduation. Seniors who attended the event included Carl Harken, Joshua Hays, Hannah Holliday, Chad Keathley, Trista Rowland, Daniel Spencer, and Nathan Tilly. Department-related graduates unable to attend but still recognized were Joshua Abbotoy, Kathleen Cooper, Andrew Jackson, and Sarah Conway.

Thirty-five people attended the cookout, with all full-time faculty and their spouses among them. Specially prepared food items included roast pork, tortilla chips and a guacamole dip, a hash brown casserole, baked beans, a tossed salad, a strawberry trifle, chocolate-covered strawberries, and slices of chocolate-covered key lime pie and banana cream pie on a stick.

Food and flowers make for a colorful serving table at the history department’s annual cookout on May 15, 2009.

Cookout attendees gather round the serving table at the beginning of the dinner. They are (left to right) Joshua Hays, Rebecca Poe, Dr. David Thomas, Noah Arnold, Elizabeth Blevins, and Carl Harken.

Cookout attendees enjoy food and conversation at a picnic table. They are (left to right, moving clockwise) Charlie Havner, Dr. Terry Lindley, Elizabeth Blevins, Megan Winters, Grant Kelly, Hannah Holliday, Mary Alissa Techentin, and Trista Rowland.

Carl Harken (left), standing with Dr. Stephen Carls, smiles after receiving his department graduation gifts.

Dr. Stephen Carls (right) presents some highlights from Joshua Hays’s (left) student years at Union University.

While presenting some of Trista Rowland’s (left) accomplishments at Union University, Dr. Stephen Carls (right) makes the sign of the Kappa Delta sorority of which Trista is a member.

Graduating seniors stand with Dr. Carls (wearing the red Phi Alpha Theta T-shirt) at the end of the recognition program. They are (left to right) Joshua Hays, Daniel Spencer, Carl Harken (behind Daniel), Nathan Tilly, Hannah Holliday, Trista Rowland, and Chad Keathley.