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Forty People Attend Annual History Welcome Reception

Sep 14, 2009 - Forty people, including all full-time history faculty members, attended the department’s annual history welcome reception at Dr. Stephen Carls’ home on September 14, 2009. The reception gave history students, both majors and minors, the opportunity to become better acquainted with the history faculty and each other. A variety of foods were served, such as pork tenderloin, brownies, cookies, and pumpkin bars.

The reception food table is ready for attendees to arrive on September 14.

History students Chelsea Hutchinson, Elaura Highfield, Julianne Little, Savannah German, and Megan Winters enjoy the outdoors at the history reception.

David Hannah, Carl Harken, and Lauren Bogdan relax together on the Carls’ patio at the history welcome reception.

History majors Kate Cline and Katie Mohler share a moment together at the history welcome reception.

Dr. Keith Bates and his wife Lisa enjoy some time with their daughter Rachel at the history department’s fall reception on September 14.

Micah Snow, Jordan Baker, Shelby Johnson, and Caleb Dunlap prepare to leave the Carls’ home at the end of the history reception.