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Delta-Psi Chapter Inducts Twelve Students into Phi Alpha Theta

Sep 21, 2009 - The Delta-Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society inducted a record twelve students into the society this fall, eleven of whom were initiated at the chapter’s plenary meeting on September 21, 2009. The chapter also had a record-setting twenty-seven people attend the meeting. Students who became members of the society this fall were David Conway, Betsy Davis, Caleb Dunlap, Elaura Highfield, Shelby Johnson, Travis Lutz, Camille McCullar, Sarah McElroy, Kevin Reid, Andy Seaton, Micah Snow, and Jordan Thompson. Delta-Psi Vice President Katelyn O’Roark led the initiation ceremony on September 21, and President Noah Arnold handed out the certificates of membership.

President Arnold conducted the business meeting, beginning with announcements of upcoming Phi Alpha Theta events. These include a pizza party on October 9 to celebrate Delta-Psi’s seventh straight Best Chapter Award, ushering at the Carls-Schwerdfeger History Lectureship on October 29, a community service project at Green Frog Historic Village on November 4, and a formal French Christmas dinner at Dr. Carls’s home on December 4. The Delta-Psi president also informed attendees that several chapter members planned to present papers at the Phi Alpha Theta Biennial Convention in San Diego in early January. Dr. Carls added that several department faculty members would be attending the convention as well. Refreshments were served at the end of the meeting.

History department faculty and Phi Alpha Theta student members attending the Delta Psi Chapter’s initiation and plenary meeting on September 21 include: (front row, left to right) Elizabeth Blevins, Betsy Davis, Elaura Highfield, and Shelby Johnson (who is to the right of the Phi Alpha Theta logo); (second row, left to right) Jordan Thompson, Sarah McElroy, Andy Seaton, Caleb Dunlap, Katelyn O’Roark, Mary Alisa Techentin, Dr. Judy LeForge, Lauren Bogdan, Cameron White, Joel Wellum, and Charles Googe; (back row, left to right) Dr. Keith Bates, Dr. Terry Lindley, David Conway, Dr. Stephen Carls, Noah Arnold, Katie Mohler, Kevin Reid, Travis Lutz, and Micah Snow. Delta-Psi member Kate Cline attended the meeting but was unable to be there for the group photo.

Students initiated into Phi Alpha Theta on September 21 include (left to right) Sarah McElroy, Elaura Highfield, David Conway, Betsy Davis, Micah Snow, Kevin Reid, Travis Lutz, Caleb Dunlap, Shelby Johnson, Jordan Thompson, and Andy Seaton. Camille McCullar, the twelfth initiate, was unable to attend the meeting because of illness.

Phi Alpha Theta President Noah Arnold gives a membership certificate to Elaura Highfield. Caleb Dunlap observes the presentation, while Shelby Johnson (to the left of Elaura), Betsy Davis, and David Conway reflect on the significance of the occasion.

Travis Lutz accepts his certificate of membership from Delta-Psi Chapter President Noah Arnold on September 21, while Kevin Reid (left) and Andy Seaton watch.

Delta-Psi President Noah Arnold talks about upcoming Phi Alpha Theta events during the society’s plenary meeting on September 21.

Betsy Davis (left) shows her Phi Alpha Theta membership certificate to Dr. Keith Bates and Elizabeth Blevins after the Phi Alpha Theta meeting on September 21.