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Delta-Psi Chapter Celebrates Best Chapter Award with Pizza Party

Oct 9, 2009 - The Delta-Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society celebrated its 2009 Best Chapter Award with a pizza party at the home of Dr. Stephen Carls, the chapter’s faculty advisor, on October 9, 2009. Seventeen people attended the event, including all full-time history faculty members. Among the menu items were several homemade foods - pizza, special vegetable salads, chocolate chip cookies, and pumpkin cheesecake. Dr. Carls asked students to look through publishers’ catalogs at the party and make suggestions for the purchase of history books for Union’s library with the $250 in prize money that came with the Best Chapter Award honor. Informal conversation among faculty and students capped the evening’s activities.

The 2009 Phi Alpha Theta Best Chapter Award certificate is prominently displayed at the Delta-Psi Chapter’s pizza party on October 9.

David Conway (left) pauses from going through a publisher’s catalog to join with Karie Webster and Jed Dugger in smiling for the camera at the October 9 pizza party.

Dr. Alice-Catherine (center) cuts a freshly baked pizza while Kate Cline (left) and Mary Alisa Techentin observe.

Dr. Terry Lindley (left to right), Travis Lutz, and Camille McCullar get ready for pizza at the Phi Alpha Theta pizza party.

Camille McCullar (left) and Mary Alisa Techentin move through the food line on October 9.

Cameron White (left) and Ben Duffey prepare their plates with food at the Delta-Psi Chapter pizza party.

Travis Lutz (left to right), Elizabeth Blevins, and Camille McCullar enjoy their meal on October 9.

Pizza party attendees enjoy after-dinner conversation on October 9. They are Dr. Keith Bates (nearest fireplace on left, then going counter clock-wise), Noah Arnold, Ben Duffey, Cameron White, Dr. David Thomas, Dr. Judy LeForge, and Camille McCullar.